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Seedling Tree Program
The Shoshone Conservation District is pleased to work with nurseries in nearby states to offer seedling trees to landowners in the district at minimal cost.

Shoshone Conservation District

Seedling Tree Program
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Septic System Program
It is a priority of the Shoshone Conservation District (SCD) to improve water quality in the area. Compromised septic systems, if draining into streams and surface waters, may impair those waters for their intended uses.


Septic System Program
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Small Waters Project Program (SWPP)
The Wyoming Water Development Commission has developed the Small Water Project Program (SWPP) to improve watershed condition and function throughout the state.


Small Waters Project Program
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(WDA) Water Quality Program
Shoshone Conservation District offers cost-share to producers who implement irrigation best management practices (BMPs) on land draining into impaired waters.


Water Quality Program
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About Us

About Us

Shoshone Conservation District is one of 34 districts in the state of Wyoming, located in Northern Big Horn County, Wyoming. It serves the communities of Lovell, Byron, Cowley, Deaver, and Frannie.

Office Hours:
Monday - Wednesday
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Following the American Dust Bowl in the 1930s, the need to conserve natural resources became an important focus in the United States, leading to the 1935 formation of the Soil Conservation Service, now known as the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). To coordinate the conservation efforts of the NRCS and other agencies on a local level, conservation districts were formed nationwide by state governments. In March of 1941, Wyoming Legislature passed an act establishing conservation districts in the state. There are now 34 districts in the state of Wyoming, including the Shoshone Conservation District.

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It is Shoshone Conservation District’s mission to provide leadership for the conservation of Wyoming’s soil and water resources. The Shoshone Conservation District will promote the control of soil erosion, the protection of the quality of Wyoming’s waters, and the responsible use of Wyoming’s water. It is priority to preserve and enhance wildlife habitat, protect the tax base, and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of local citizens in the conservation of natural resources within the district to provide a benefit to and improve the quality of life of local citizens.


District Policy

It is the policy of the Shoshone Conservation District to:

Provide for the conservation of soil and water resources.
Support and carry out plans to improve soil erosion control and irrigation water management for sustainable agricultural lands.
Cooperate with all individuals, groups or organizations having conservation issues concerning soil and water resources that may affect the health, safety and welfare of the people of the District.
Encourage landowners and operators to become cooperators and to develop conservation plans as a foundation for developing and conserving their natural resources.
Provide effective environmental education programs for concerned individuals, both student and adult.
Cooperate with State and Federal agencies, as well as with local governments, by sharing expertise in the field of natural resource conservation.

SCD Long Range Plan

Public comment period open October 21 - December 5.
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