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Lower Shoshone River Level 1 Watershed Study

Through the Wyoming Water Development Commission, the Shoshone Conservation District was able to be part of a Level 1 watershed study for the Lower Shoshone River, which was completed in March, 2022. Level 1 studies help identify projects, and many local producers were involved throughout the process of this study. The findings of the study can be found here:

   Shoshone River Level 1 Study Executive Summary  Shoshone River Watershed Study Level I Final Report 2022

Impaired Streams in Big Horn County

In the Shoshone Conservation District, over 50 miles of the Shoshone River and its tributaries Crooked Creek, Whistle Creek, Foster Gulch, Polecat Creek, Sage Creek, and Big Wash are listed as impaired on Wyoming’s 202 Integrated 303(d) Report. These streams are impaired by fecal coliform levels, preventing use of their designated purposes. Stay tuned for more information on this subject and how you can help improve the health of the streams in the Shoshone Conservation District!

A Guide for Property Owners: Understanding Your Rights to Groundwater:

Stay educated on what your right are when it comes to water and your property.

groundwater fact sheet

Barnyards & Backyards

The University of Wyoming provides a lot of great information helpful to rural living in the great state of Wyoming. From growing vegetables, to grazing, to wildlife, a wealth of knowledge and resources is available at Hard copies of some of these resources are available for free at the Shoshone Conservation District Office.

Wyoming Vegetable and Fruit Growing Guide

Review the recent publication from Barnyards & Backyards for tips on growing vegetables and fruit in our unique climate.

Fruit Vegetable Production Guide for WY